Creating a New Folder


A new folder can be created by using the New button or the drop-down indicator next to the New button within Content > Pages. Folders can be created to contain binary files, such as images and PDFs.

A folder is different from a section, and when a new section is created, ancillary files (such as a navigation file) and an initial index page for the directory are created as well. A new section uses a template to properly render new pages. A new folder, on the other hand, creates an empty directory, with no other page products like a sidenav or breadcrumb. Only create folders to organize and contain binary files, and not for pages. By default, new folder creation is available for level 4 users and higher.

New Folder Option in Drop-Down Menu

After the new folder has been created, its access settings may be modified. By default, the folder inherits the access settings from the directory in which it is created.

For more information about configuring access settings, visit the Access and Workflow page.

Creating a New Folder

A new folder can be created with the drop-down indicator button or by clicking the New button. The drop-down indicator reveals a menu within the directory structure, while clicking the button will bring up the New Content modal, and the Create New Folder link will appear near the top.

To create a new folder:

  1. Navigate to the location within the file structure where the new folder will be created.
  2. Click the New button or the drop-down indicator next to the New button from within the folder structure.
  3. Select Create New Folder or Folder. Do not create a new folder by using the New Section option. Folders should only be used to store binary files (e.g., images, files, PDFs), not pages.
  4. From the New Folder modal, enter a name for the folder. This folder must be named to save the folder. 
  5. Click Create. The empty folder will be created on both the staging and production servers.