The Rename features allows users to rename files. The file is renamed on the staging and the production server. User levels 8, 9, and 10 have the ability to rename files, and Level 8 users can only rename files to which they are assigned access rights. It is important to note that files renamed on the staging server change the associated files on the production server, but files renamed on the production server do not change the file name on the staging server.

Using the Rename feature only renames a file; it does not convert between file types. Generally, file extensions should not be renamed as this can corrupt a file and render it unreadable by the system. This can be particularly fatal for binary files; for example, renaming image.png to image.jpg does not convert the PNG to a JPG. This is also true of other file types. Some text file types might survive the changing of an extension (for example, changing HTM to HTML), but generally the Rename feature is intended to be used to only change the file name and not its extension.

Directories can be renamed as well. Visit the Directory Options page for more information.

Renaming a File

A file can be renamed from the Pages list view by hovering over the row and selecting Rename from the File menu. Note that a file does not have to be checked out to be renamed.

  • To rename a file, navigate to the Pages list view, hover over the desired file, and from the File menu, click Rename
    Rename a File from the Pages List View
  • Input the new file name.

    Add a New File Name

  • When the new name has been added, click away from the box or press the Enter key. Alternatively, press the Escape button to cancel the rename.

While some extensions can be changed, PCF file types cannot. Likewise, a file extension cannot be changed to PCF.

Note: if Dependency Manager is enabled and a file that is referenced on another page is renamed, the Confirm Rename modal will appear indicating how many pages will need to be republished should the rename process be completed. To continue, click OK. This will republish the affected pages based on the current version of the page on the live production server with the new dependency links. If changes have been made but not published to the live site, those changes will still not be published to the live production server but will be available in OU Campus and still saved on the staging server. This includes any versions.

Confirm Rename Modal

For more information about dependency manager, refer to the Dependency Manager page.