File Options


The File menu gives a list of file operations that can be performed on a page, file, or Asset. The options available in this menu are abased on user level and administrator-assigned functionality. File options are also specific to page status. For example, some functionality is available when a page is checked in, while more options become available when a user checks out the page; however, some functionality is still available when a page is checked out by another user or when in workflow.

The File menu is available by hovering over the page row in the Pages list view.

File Options

The options available under the File menu will vary depending on the current user's level, whether the page is checked in, and the access settings configured for the site. At most, the options include: 

File Menu in the Pages List View

Directory Options

Directories also have a File menu, which appears when hovering over the directory row in the Pages list view. Operations that can be made on a directory include: 

File Options for a Directory

Note: a directory itself cannot be recycled. When a directory is deleted, all files inside of it are permanently deleted. If Recycle Bin is enabled, a directory recycle can be simulated by first recycling the files within the directory and then deleting the empty directory.