Pages, files, and directories can be deleted from the Production server, and directories can be permanently deleted from the Staging server with their contents. Only level 9 and 10 users have the ability to delete from Production. 

An item may be deleted from the Production server without affecting the item in Staging, though the only way to restore that item to Production will be to republish it from Staging.

Files are removed from the Staging server by recycling them. For more information, visit the Recycle page.

Deleting a File

Files can be permanently deleted from the Pages list view on Production. 

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view and locate the file to be deleted.
  2. Hover over File on the page row and select Delete.
  3. On the production server, hover over the file row in question and select Delete under the Options menu.

    Delete File from Production Server
  4. A modal will appear to confirm the delete. Click the red Delete button.

Deleting Multiple Files

  1. Navigate the folder structure in Content > Pages and locate the files that are to be deleted.
  2. Select the appropriate checkboxes for each file. The checkbox in the table header selects all files in the directory.
  3. Click the Delete button in the table header.

    Delete Multiple Files on Production Server

Note: Deleting a file or files removes any previous versions or backup version. 

Deleting a Directory

Directories that are deleted are done so permanently. Directories cannot be recycled on the staging or production server. If the Recycle Bin is available for the site, all files in the directory can be recycled first, and then the directory may be deleted. This allows the directory to be recreated and the files restored if necessary; otherwise, deleting a directory will delete all contents on both staging and production servers. Files within a directory that are deleted are removed from any previous versions, as well as backups. 

Navigate the folder structure in Content > Pages and locate the desired directory.

  1. A directory can be deleted by hovering over the File menu and selecting Delete.
  2. Alternatively, a directory can be deleted by selecting the checkbox next to the directory, and selecting Delete from the table header.

    Deleting a Directory via Checkbox
  3. A modal will appear to confirm the delete. Type "delete" and click the red Delete button.

    Directory Delete Confirmation Modal

Note: Just as with Recycling, deleting any items from the staging server will remove them from production as well.