The Copy function can be used to copy one or more pages or files. Copying a file automatically renames the copy by appending a number. Level 9 and 10 users can copy all files. Levels 8 users have the ability to copy files, but only files to which they have assigned access rights. It is also important to note that copying files and folders can only occur on the staging server. Copies of assets cannot be made.

Copying FIles

A file can be copied from the Pages list view by hovering over the File menu and selecting Copy, by selecting the checkbox adjacent to a file, or by using the drag-and-drop feature. The location to copy to can be browsed to or entered manually. Additionally, an option can be selected to show the files in a directory. Note that a file does not have to be checked out to be copied (unless copying from the File Navigation sidebar), and can be copied when it is checked out to another user or when it has a scheduled action associated with it.

Multiple files can also be copied at the same time by selecting multiple checkboxes adjacent to each file. All files within a directory may be selected at one time by clicking the checkbox at the top of the list.

Copying Files from the Pages List View

To copy a file do one of the following:

  1. From the Pages view, hover and from the File menu select Copy. Or, from the Pages view, select the checkbox for one or more files (and/or directories) and from the top row click Copy.

    Select Multiple Files to Copy
  2. Then, from the modal that appears, browse to the directory path to which to move it. Click the Show Files checkbox to view the files and subdirectories.


Copy Items Modal

Copying Files by Drag and Drop

A file may be copied by checking out the file and then dragging the file from the File Navigation sidebar to the desired location in the main content area. 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate directory for the file to be copied to in the Pages view. 
  2. Expand the File Navigation sidebar using the folder button in the top left of the screen, and locate the file to be copied.

    File Navigation Button
    Expanded File Navigation Sidebar
  3. Check out the file.
  4. Holding Control (PC) or Option (Mac), drag the file from the File Navigation sidebar into the directory to where the file should be copied. 

    Copying a File via Drag and Drop

  5. A confirmation modal will appear. Click Copy.

Copy File Modal