HTML Source Editor


The HTML icon, when enabled on a toolbar, provides quick access from the WYSIWYG Editor to the HTML mark-up for an editable region of a page for editing the HTML source code. 

Classic Editor
Icon in Classic Toolbar

HTML Source Editor


Icon in JustEdit Toolbar

HTML view in JustEdit

Note that the HTML Source Editor is a different editor than the Source Editor. The HTML Source Editor available in the WYSIWYG provides the following:

  • A view of the code for the current editable region only
  • Word wrap

This allows a user editing in the WYSIWYG the ability to make quick changes to HTML markup without having to save the file before the edit. If a change is made with the HTML Source Editor, and an undo is necessary, the Undo tool or CTRL+Z (PC) can be used.

After editing, click Update, or, if necessary because of changes that should not be kept, click Cancel

Word Wrap

The Word Wrap checkbox, available in Classic Editor only, can be selected to wrap the text within the dialog. This does not affect the formatting. Clear the Word Wrap checkbox to disable text wrapping within the dialog. In this case, the horizontal scroll bar can be used to review text that is not immediately visible.

Source Editor

To utilize the other Source Editor, which allows for display and editing for all code on an entire page (if enabled for a user or administrator):

  • Click the Edit Source button located at the bottom of a page in the view that shows the editable regions.
  • In preview or edit mode, click the Source button at the top of the page.
  • From the Pages list view > Edit for a page > Source.

For information about the features and functionality of the Source Editor, visit the Source Editor page.