JustEdit is a way to edit content in OU Campus that allows users to edit pages without leaving the "Preview" view of the content. It provides more modern styling, as well as some streamlined functionality compared to the Classic Editor. 

Example of an Editable Region with JustEdit

An Editable Region Viewed With JustEdit

Path Status Bar

The Path Status Bar is a feature in JustEdit that allows users to view the HTML elements that are being applied to the text at the current cursor position. The status bar is located at the bottom of the JustEdit Editor.

Path Status Bar in JustEdit

This feature is useful to see which styles and HTML tags are being applied to a certain portion of content. Clicking the relevant element name in the status bar (for example, clicking em.class-name in the screenshot above) will select the content that is wrapped by the <em> tag in the HTML. As shown above, classes and IDs that are attributes of an HTML element will also be shown in the status bar.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the JustEdit Editor

Many common keyboard shortcuts are available for use in the JustEdit editor. They are as follows:

  • Ctrl (PC)/Cmd (Mac) + S: Save-in-place - saves changes to the staging server, but users will remain inside the editor to continue working.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + X: Cut
  • Ctrl/Cmd + C: Copy
  • Ctrl/Cmd + V: Paste
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Y: Redo
  • Ctrl/Cmd + B: Bold highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + U: Underline highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + I: Italicize highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + F: Opens the WYSIWYG Find and Replace tool.
  • Shift + Alt + [1-6] (PC)/Control + Alt + [1-6] (Mac): Set headings -  formats currently-selected block as Heading 1-6, respectively
  • Shift + Alt + 7 (PC)/Control + Alt + 7 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as a <p> (paragraph)
  • Shift + Alt + 8 (PC)/Control + Alt + 8 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as a <div>
  • Shift + Alt + 9 (PC)/Control + Alt + 9 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as an <address>
  • Shift + Enter: Creates a new line break in the current block (as opposed to creating a new paragraph, which makes a new block of text)
  • Shift + Arrow Keys: Highlights text character-by-character (if using up/down arrows, highlights by line)
  • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Arrow Keys: Highlights text word-by-word (up/down arrows still highlight by line)

Note: These keyboard shortcuts function even if the related toolbar icon or drop-down menu has been disabled for the user, the page, or the editable region.

Configuring JustEdit

JustEdit is first configured at the account level by Level 10 administrators. In Setup > Account, there is a JustEdit drop-down menu where administrators can set whether JustEdit is disabled, automatically enabled for all users, set on a per-user basis by administrators, or set on a per-user basis by the users themselves. This drop-down menu is found at the bottom of the General Settings panel.

Enabling JustEdit at the Account Level

If JustEdit has been set to either Set by User or Set by Administrator, then a checkbox will appear in each user's personal settings, which can be found at Settings > Users (for administrative control) or in User Settings (for individual user control). The JustEdit checkbox will be found in the Preferences panel for the user screen. Checking the box will activate JustEdit for the site for that user.

Enabling JustEdit at the User Level