Properties refers to several ancillary items related to a file. The availability of functionality under Properties is determined by the specifics of the implementation, access settings, authority level, and file type. The file must be checked out to the current user for Properties to be visible in either the List View or the Actions Toolbar.

The five possible items under Properties are:

  • Parameters
  • RSS
  • Access
  • Reminders
  • Log

Binary files have all properties available except for RSS.

Properties Sidebar Menu


The Parameters screen allows users to edit basic metadata information and template-specific parameters for the checked-out file. While the available fields are dependent upon the template design and implementation for an institution, the metadata fields frequently include title, description, keywords, and tags. Typical configuration options in this panel control page layout and structure, as well as giving users the ability to enable optional editable regions or choose an image for the banner or image slider.

For more information, visit the Parameters page.

RSS Items

If an RSS feed is assigned to a page or at the directory level, then an RSS item can be associated with the page.

For more information, visit the RSS Feed Items page.


User levels 8, 9, and 10 have the ability to configure access settings for a file. Level 8 users can only set access settings for content to which they have access.

For more information, visit the Access page.


Both a scheduled reminder and a stale reminder can set for a file.

For more information, visit the Reminders page.


Provides a list view of all actions previously performed on the file.

For more information, visit the Log page.