MultiEdit Button

A MultiEdit region is a type of editable region on a page similar to an editable region that uses the WYSIWYG Editor. It is a way to quickly enter information for several fields without having to worry about layout or formatting, which is handled by the MultiEdit template.

Accessing MultiEdit content is accomplished in a manner similar to accessing any editable region, except instead of clicking an Edit button, the orange MultiEdit button, found at the top of the page, is used. When viewing a MultiEdit-capable page in Edit mode, other Edit buttons might also be viewable, such as for an INC file for a navigation bar.

MultiEdit is most frequently used for faculty pages and the faculty directory. The traditional implementation for faculty pages includes the index page for the directory which is auto-populated and is not usually edited. The individual faculty pages are used to build the index. Each faculty or staff member has his or her own page, which they can log in to and update. A user can also navigate the file structure to locate and edit the content. 

Note: If a web page has MultiEdit tags, JustEdit is disabled automatically for that page.

Basic Steps

Editing MultiEdit Content

  1. Log in to OU Campus via the DirectEdit link on a published page.
  2. Navigate through the file structure in Content > Pages if necessary to find the desired page.
  3. Check out the page. Click the orange MultiEdit button below the Page Actions toolbar.

    Faculty Page with MultiEdit Button
  4. The MultiEdit Content panel is shown.

    MultiEdit Content Panel
  5. Edit the details as necessary. Certain fields may be text-only; others may include a filechooser to upload images, while others may include a mini-WYSIWYG Editor for a faculty biography, for example.
  6. Save and publish the page. 

Creating a New Faculty Profile

When MultiEdit has been used to implement faculty pages, a Faculty Profile template is provided in order to create new faculty pages. This step creates the page that will be used in editing. After the page has been created, it can be edited to add additional information using MultiEdit.

  1. Navigate to the Faculty directory.
  2. Click New and choose the Faculty Profile template. Alternatively, use the drop-down indicator to select the Faculty Profile template from the menu.

    New Faculty Profile Template
  3. For the Faculty Name field enter both the family and given name. For some templates, the Faculty Name is joined with the Designation to create the title on the actual page.
  4. For the Designation filed, enter the title for the faculty member.
  5. Edit other fields as necessary, including the file name (without adding an extension).

    New Faculty Profile Modal

  6. Click Create.

The next step is to edit the page to add the rest of the details.  Each implementation is different, so the actual fields and field labels may vary.