Locating Misspellings, Typos, and Approximations


The approximate pattern matcher lets users find "looks roughly like" or "sounds like" information. To invoke a fuzzy match precede the word or pattern with the '%' (percent) character.

This pattern matcher locates items by examining how "closely" the text matches the query item. It uses percentages of difference as a measure, and will default to finding items with 80% similar content. Users may specify a different percentage on the query line by following the '%' with a two digit number that represents the value you desire.

It is important to note that this method is far superior to the "soundex" method found in many other tools. Here's why:


Expression Will Find
ronald %regan Ronald Raygun, Ronald Re~an, Ronald 8eagan
%75MYPARTNO9045d/6a Anything within 75% of looking like MYPARTNO9045d/6a
mo* %quadaffi mohamar kadaffi, Mo Qadaffi, etc...