OU Search


The OU Search module provides search functionality to your live website, making it easier for web visitors to find the information they’re looking for. Search result pages are styled to match your website, and you can control the search function through an admin panel to exclude or promote pages and results. 

OU Search

OU Search does have a separate login and admin interface than OU Campus, and the search results page is not managed via OU Campus like your other web pages. Via the OU Search interface you can control best bets, walks, and other OU Search settings. When OU Search is implemented, our Professional Services team will configure the display so it matches the styling of your website.

Aspects of OU Search can be very comprehensive, with multiple configuration options. This section is not an exhaustive list of every possible configuration option; rather, it provides instructions on how to best set up and use OU Search for full functionality. These are:

Additional documentation provided by the engine that OU Search utilizes can be accessed via two different ways. One is the Docs link in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar:

Where to find Docs Link

Additionally, each field in OU Search will have a question mark beside it that you can click for an explanation of what that field controls:

Question mark for fields

Explanation of field


OU Search can also feature an “Advanced” search option that visitors can use to narrow down their search results, though this is a separate addition to the standard implementation. This too contains additional information explaining how to enter search terms for more accurate results (e.g. using wildcards and approximate matches). 

Advanced Search


For more information, visit the Advanced Search section.

Go Live

To go live with OU Search, move the search results page to its final location, then change any global search forms in the header or elsewhere to point to the search results page. If the site has not been fully indexed or the search results need refining, those options can be updated in the OU Search appliance.