Best Bets

Though OU Search displays results in order of relevancy, you may wish to promote certain URLs for certain keywords.  For example, you may want the Biology Program home page to be the first result when someone searches for “biology”.  Best Bets can be styled and highlighted differently than the rest of the search results; for example, they could be displayed with a colored box around them

Best bets are accessed via the Tools menu.

Best Bets Main Menu

Selecting this option shows a list of all best bet groups. A best bet group is the set from which OU Search pulls best bets as groups; you will in all likelihood never need another best bet group beyond the default one.  

Best Bet Groups

Creating a Best Bet

From a best bet group, select “Manage Best Bets.” You will then see the list of all current best bets. Select “Add a Best Bet” to bring up the fields for a new best bet.

Creating a Best Bet


Fill out the fields:

  • URL: The URL of the result
  • Priority: If you have multiple best bets that match a keyword or query, the one with the highest priority (1 being the highest) is the first result.
  • Title: If the result type includes title, this will display with the search result.
  • Keywords: Any query containing at least one of these keywords will bring up the result. Separate keywords by commas and group them with quotation marks (e.g. “arts program”).
  • Description: If the result type includes description, this will display with the search result.

Select “Update” to save your changes.

You can also add a Best Bet by going to the Tools menu and selecting “List/Edit URLs.”  Search for the URL you want to add a best bet for, and click on the URL. You will see a section, “Best Bet Words,” where you can create a Best Bet.

URL Field


Managing Best Bets

When viewing the list of best bets, select the pencil icon to edit a best bet, using the same fields as present when creating a new field. You can also delete a best bet by selecting the red “X”. Select “Update” for any changes to take effect.