The Numeric Pattern Matcher


The Numeric Pattern Matcher allows users to find quantities in textual information in any way they may be represented.

To invoke a numeric value search within a query, simply precede the value with a '#' (pound / hash character).

To Find Syntax Example Match
any value ## a few dozen
equal to #5000 five thousand
greater than #>5000 2.2 million
less than #<5000 1,000.00
greater than or equal #>=5000 5,000.01
less than or equal #<=5000 four thousand nine hundred and 59/100
between #>5000<6000 5.5 kilotons



Expression Will Find
#>0<1 15 percent, 500 milligrams, 0.25, 15 sixteenths, 5/32
#665 six hundred three score and five
#>1e6<1e12 five gigabytes, 5,000,000,000, 2.2 million



The expression "greater than 0, less than one" above is really good for finding statistical information in the text. For example if a user enters the query: "votes #>0<1," the program will find: "One third of the voters cast their ballots for the incumbent."