Page Reports Section


The Page Reports section of Insights allows users to run detailed reports on a single page. Users will first be taken to a screen that shows all files and folders in the site, similar to the Pages list view. Users can then focus on any page scanned by Insights.

List View of Pages Report

When a page is clicked, users will be taken to the report for that page. This report has the following features:

  • Edit Page Button: A green "Edit Page" button will appear in the top right of the screen, allowing users to quickly travel to the page in question to edit it. This is only available for pages managed within OU Campus.
  • Page Report Panel: The topmost panel on the screen will give general information about the page, including its root-relative path, its absolute URL, the number of characters in the URL, its current version number, and which users have last saved and published the page. These last two items are also only available for pages managed in OU Campus.
  • SEO Tab: Clicking this tab will give the SEO reports for this page.
  • Accessibility Tab: Clicking this tab will show the known, likely, and potential accessibility issues on this page.
  • Links Tab: Clicking this tab will show all broken links, redirect links, and successfully rendering links on the page.
  • Spelling Tab: Clicking this tab will show all misspelled words on the page and give users the ability to add them to the dictionary from within Insights.

Sample Page Report with SEO Tab Visible