OU Insights

With the release of Insights 1.1 on March 6, 2017, OU Insights no longer requires the insights.txt file to scan pages, but instead scans all pages in the site managed by OU Campus. For more information, see the "How Insights Scans Pages" section at the bottom of this page.


OU Insights, referred to as "Insights" in the product, is an optional module that can be purchased for OU Campus. It allows administrators to get detailed information and reports for their site, including regarding SEO strength, accessibility compliance, spelling, and links on the site. Administrators have the ability to quickly edit pages, links, or words that return errors, all without leaving OU Campus.

Insights reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Because Insights checks the production server and not the staging server, Insights has the ability to scan pages that are not managed by OU Campus. However, pages not managed by OU Campus will not be editable in OU Campus, even if scanned by Insights. 

When purchased and activated, the OU Insights module is available from within the Reports menu to level 9 and 10 administrators by default, though lower-level users can be granted access through access groups. Level 9 and 10 administrators will always have access to Insights, regardless of whether they belong to the Access Group configured in Site Settings. Any report in Insights can be shared with any other user who has access to Insights.

Insights in the Reports Menu

Site Summary

When first clicking Reports > Insights, users will be taken to the Site Summary section. This section allows administrators to view consolidated information for their site, including an overall Site Score and Section Scores for the four main sections of Insights: SEO, Accessibility, Links, and Spelling. Furthermore, users can view the Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files from this view, and navigate to the individual reports. 

OU Insights Site Summary Screen

Every time Insights scans the site (the frequency of which can be configured in Setup > Site Settings), an email is sent out to the users who belong to the Access Group for Insights. This email gives a basic summary of the site score information that is found on the Site Summary screen. If Insights fails to run a scan, an error email will be sent to users determining the cause of failure (such as "no insights.txt file found").

Furthermore, reports can be shared between users from within Insights. In addition to the Site Summary report, each individual report within the four sections can be shared. When a report is shared with another user with access to Insights, the message will contain basic information about the report and a link for the user to view the report within Insights. Messages can be sent to an individual user, multiple users, or a defined group of users in the system (such as "Administrators Only").

Share Report Modal

Site Score and Section Scores

The Site Score is an average of the four Section Scores found inside Insights; those sub-scores are calculated using an internal algorithm based off of the number of errors/issues that Insights has identified across the site.

Clicking on the Site Score box will open up a dialog box, which shows the overall Site Score over time.

Site Score Dialog Box


For more information about the detailed reports available under Insights, visit the following pages:

  • SEO: This section details the reports under the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section. Available reports include Titles, Descriptions, Heading Tags, and Keywords.
  • Accessibility: This section deals with accessibility issues, checked against the accessibility standard that is configured in Account Settings.
  • Links: The Links report will list all broken links found in the site.
  • Spelling: The Spelling report will list all misspelled words in the site, and give users the ability to add them to the dictionary.
  • Page Reports: Users can browse the file structure of the site and get detailed information about a single page, including data for all four of the aforementioned reports.

Configuring Insights

If Insights has been purchased for an account, it must be turned on at the site level underneath Optional Features. Once Insights has been activated, it can be configured by clicking the Configure button.

Insights Checkbox in Site Settings

The Insights Configuration dialog box allows administrators to configure the report frequency, who can access Insights, and the name of the directory indexes in the site (for example, many sites have directory index files called index.html, but other server environments may require default.aspx or others).

Insights Configuration Modal

How Insights Scans Pages 

OU Insights automatically scans every production page managed by OU Campus. In addition, an optional file named insights.txt can be generated on the production server at the HTTP Root of the site. This file servers to supplement the list of scanned pages with other URLs that you may want scanned.

All pages that return a valid response from the server (e.g. an HTTP Status Code of 200) can be included. To add more pages to the list, edit insights.txt and add the full URL of each page that needs to be scanned. Save the file, and when Insights runs its next scan, the new files should appear in the reports. Do not rename or move insights.txt, as Insights will not be able to find the list of pages to scan otherwise.

In addition, URLs can be added to insights.txt to exclude them from the scan. To indicate a URL is to be removed, add a "-" before it. For example: 


The above will exclude the individual page.


The above will exclude everything in the folder (including all sub-folders) of http://domain.edu/path/to/folder/Note: folder exclusions must include a trailing slash at the end to indicate it is a folder.