Users Menu

Because OU Calendar is managed apart from the rest of OU Campus, the users are separate as well. Admin users can be created, with a limited ability to edit their permissions; the system also keeps track of users that have signed on in the public calendar via any other supported networks, such as Facebook or Google. 

The Users menu contains two sections:


Admin users have potential access to all of OU Calendar, depending on their account permissions. They can make and approve events, create categories and locations, and other administrator functions. 

Add Admin User

To add a new user, hover over the Users menu and select "Add Admin User." The "Add Admin Account" screen will appear.

Adding a New Admin


The following fields are available:

Admin Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Email Notice Settings

  • New Events: Check for this admin to be notified whenever a new event or event series is submitted from the public calendar
  • Login Failure: Check for this admin to be notified whenever there is a failed login

Account Permissions

  • Event Edit: Allow admin to add/edit/delete events, manage billboard & orphan events, and create new event series.
  • Event Approval: Allow admin to manage pending events and approve new event submissions
  • Category Edit: Allow admin to add/edit/delete event categories
  • Location Edit: Allow admin to add/edit/delete locations and merge existing locations
  • Pages: Allow admin to edit the Calendar Digest page
  • User Edit: Allow admin to edit the public users accounts
  • Admin Edit: Allow admin to add/edit/delete admin accounts
  • Newsletter: Allow admin to create newsletter drafts, send newsletters, and add/edit/delete newsletter templates
  • Settings: Allow admin to modify calendar settings, API settings, and public calendar metadata
  • Tools: Allow admin to access calendar tools, including event data import & export
  • Reports: Allow admin to access calendar reports

When finished, select Save Admin to create. 

Edit Admin User

Selecting "Edit Admin User" from the Users drop-down brings up a list of all admins in the account. 

List of Users


From this list you can either edit or delete admins. Editing an admin brings up the admin account details, same as when adding an admin, with the addition of an Account Summary that displays the following information:

  • Status: Locked or Unlocked
  • Sign Ins: Total number of sign ins
  • Lockout Score: How many times the user has been locked out
  • Last Sign In
  • Password Age: Time, in days, since the user changed their password
  • Recent Sign Ins: Displays time and date of sign in, the IP address, browser, and operating system used to sign in with. Failed attempts are highlighted red. 

Public Calendar

 When OU Calendar is connected via API to other accounts, such as Facebook or Google, users can sign into the public calendar via an account in one of those supported third-party systems. Once signed in, event submissions are assigned to their account, making future updates easier for both the user and the admin. 

Manage Users

Selecting "Manage Users" from the menu brings up a list of all users in the public calendar. They can be filtered by name, active or banned status, and the amount displayed per page configured.

List of Public UsersUsers can be edited, banned (or unbanned), and deleted. Banning a user prevents them from interacting with the system; deleting them removes their information, but does not prevent them from being re-added.

Selecting the "Edit User" option brings up their information.

Public User Details

The following information is available but cannot be edited:

Network Details

  • Signed in From: The external account they signed into the calendar from
  • Name
  • ID
  • Profile: Their profile on that account

Local Details

  • Local ID
  • Sign Ins
  • First Sign In
  • Last Sign In
  • Submitted Events
  • API Calls
  • API Key

The following fields can edited:

  • Email
  • Access Level: "Public User" or "Publisher." Public user is the default level; publisher grants privileged access where their event submissions are immediately published on the calendar without admin approval
  • Status: "Active" or "Banned"
  • API Access: "Active" or "Disabled"
  • Location
  • Birthdate: Must be over thirteen years of age
  • Categories: Categories the user is authorized to submit events for. If none are selected, the user will have access to all categories

When finished, select Save User to make changes permanent.