Reports Menu

Like OU Campus, OU Calendar has the ability to run many reports, giving you statistics and overviews on the various processes. 

This menu contains two sections:

Calendar Overview

The Calendar Overview Report contains a variety of real time statistics about your calendar, as opposed to a summary of other reports. It is automatically run every time you select it from the menu. 

Calendar Overview


The sections the report runs statistics on are:

  • General Calendar Statistics: Includes information on events such as number of ongoing events, passed events, events in the next 30 days, and confirmed newsletter subscribers
  • Current Events Activity: Various statistics on current events, including number of times users have saved or viewed events, downloaded directions, or emailed the event to a friend
  • Passed Events Activity: Various statistics on passed events, same as for current ones
  • All Events Activity: The same statistics as before, but for all events in the system
  • Most Views: Lists the top events in terms of views, with the date they occur
  • Most Driving Directions: Lists the top events in terms of driving directions downloaded
  • Most Downloads: Lists the top events in terms of calendar downloads
  • Most URL Clicks: Lists the top events in terms of clicking the Event Contact URL
  • Recent Newsletter Subscriptions

Event Activity Report

Selecting this report brings up the event search. Search criteria include dates of events, keywords, location, categories, and users - categories and a date range are mandatory. 

Once the events are searched, there will be a list of all results. Select some or all of the events and select Generate Report. The statistics for those events will then be brought up.

Event Activity Report

From this view you can also edit events in the admin interface, or view them in the public calendar.

New & Updated Events

This report contains up to one hundred of the most recently added and updated active events and series. 

New and Updated Events


Flagged events appear on the Billboard; events in a series have an icon with multiple papers.

Most Popular Events

This report contains up to one hundred of the most popular active events, in terms of views.

Most Popular Events


Various maintenance reports are available to help with managing your calendar. 

Follow-Up Items

When editing events, administrators can flag events as needing follow-up, with a note explaining why. These events will then appear in the Follow-Up Items report. They can then be edited or deleted from the report.

Follow-Up Items Report

Duplicate Events

This report contains events that appear to have duplicates present in the public calendar, listed in order of occurrence. The initial event is listed first, with all duplicates underneath. 

Duplicat Events Report


Events can be deleted or edited from here.

Duplicate Locations

This report contains locations that appear to be duplicates of each other. There is the ability to merge duplicate locations, as well as edit or delete them.

Duplicate Locations Report

Failed Sign Ins

This report contains the last 200 failed admin sign-in attempts. These attempts are only logged if it is for a valid account. If a user has locked themselves out of their account, deleting failed sign-ins can unlock their account or the user must wait for a 24-hour period for the lock-out to be released.

Failed Sign Ins Report