Locations Menu

Locations are configured in OU Calendar to be chosen when creating an event, making that process more streamlined and ensuring consistent information. 

This menu contains the following items: 

Edit Locations

The two options available are "Add Location" and "Manage Locations."

Add Location

Adding a location makes it available for use when creating an event. The fields under "Add Location" are:

Location Details

Location Details

  • Name
  • Profile Description: Includes a WYSIWYG editor with formatting options, as well as the ability to insert links, images and media, tables, and other reviewing options
  • Status: "Admin Only" or "Public." Admin Only locations will not be available as an option to web visitors submitting events through the public calendar.
  • Image URL: If you have an image you wish to associate with the location, paste the URL here.



  • Address: Street address of the location
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Map Data: uses latitude and longitude to download its geocode and mark the location on a Google Maps display (this information will automatically populate when the location is saved)



  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website

API Publishing Options

API Publishing Options


  • Add to Eventbrite: Submits the information location to Eventbrite
  • Get Short URL from bitly: Generates a shortened URL for the location's Public Location Profile page


Manage Locations

Managing Locations List


Selecting "Manage Locations" brings up a list of all configured locations. They can be filtered by name. From here, locations can be deleted, and selecting the edit button will bring you to the location information screen, same as when adding a new location. 

Location Tools

Location Tools contains one item, the ability to merge locations.

Merge Locations 

Selecting "Merge Locations" brings up a search screen where you search for the locations you wish to combine - for example, if there are two locations configured for the same address.

From the search results, select all locations which you wish to merge together. 

Selecting Locations to Merge


After you choose "Merge Selected Locations," you must then select which location the others will be merged with. The selected location will replace the others, and any events using those will be assigned to the selected location.

Merge as Selected Location