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With OU Blogs, blog posts are managed directly in OU Campus and edited as pages. Due to this direct integration, no outside blog account or software is needed.

Blog pages exist in a separate directory within an account. All users with access to an institution's OU Campus account can be given access to blog sites. Similarly, workflow and access settings used throughout the account can also be applied to blogs, either by modifying the Access settings for the blog directory or by restricting access through group or user permissions.

Blog Directory in Pages view

Blog templates are preconfigured to render blogs on the published site based on the blog's custom design. RSS feeds and scripts are integrated in blog templates. Blog features like comments, tags, and sharing buttons can easily be added to the page.

Sample Blog Post

Editing Blog Pages

Blog pages have the same granular editing capabilities as other pages in OU Campus. The page is split up into several editable regions. Some blogs may only have a main content area available to edit; others may have special content regions, like panels, side navigation bars, or columns.

To edit a blog page in OU Campus, click the "Edit" button above the associated content area. Users will be taken to the WYSIWYG Editor, where they can edit, save, and publish content.

Edit Blog Post

MultiEdit Templates

MultiEdit button

MultiEdit in OU Campus is the ability to edit multiple content fields in a single form. For example, by using the MultiEdit feature on a blog page, users will be able to edit a blog's title, author, tags, description, content, and images at once, without having to format the content.

Blog templates set up with MultiEdit regions will help maintain a strict structure and blog layout, ensuring that all blog posts retain a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

MultiEdit Content

For more information about MultiEdit, please refer to the MultiEdit page on the Support site.

Publishing Blog Posts

Users may publish blog posts, submit posts for approval or schedule to publish the page inside of OU Campus, just as they would any other page in OU Campus. If the institution would like to accumulate several finished blog posts before making them available on the live site, a level 10 administrator may opt to not publish the blog directory until the first few posts have been completed.

Once published, blogs will publish to the live server, and display according to the institution's branding needs and specifications as defined in the implementation process. 

Schedule to Publish Blogs

In order to schedule a blog post to be published at a future date, users must click the drop-down menu on the green "Publish" button, found in the Page Actions toolbar, click "Schedule," and fill out the necessary fields in the Scheduled Publish modal.

Schedule Publish modal

For more information about scheduling pages, refer to the Schedule page on the Support site.

Blog Workflow

If a user belongs to a workflow in OU Campus, those same access and permissions rules apply for publishing blog pages. Administrators can enforce a workflow and approval process similar the one used for pages in OU Campus. For more information about workflow, refer to the Submit for Approval page on the Support site.