Live Delivery Platform


Live Delivery Platform, or LDP, is an optional set of features that allows users to create a more dynamic website experience through reusable content, such as image galleries and customisable forms.

LDP is accessed and managed through the OU Campus interface. After LDP has been implemented into the university's account, a level 10 administrator can activate LDP for the account in the Setup > Account menu, and then clicking the check box next to "LDP" under "Optional Features." More settings are available at the site level. After LDP has been activated, users will be able to create new types of Assets that take advantage of LDP functionality under Content > Assets. As with all other assets, access to LDP assets can be controlled by group and user levels.

Activate LDP checkbox

There are three main features of LDP: Image Galleries, Forms, and Comments. For some of these functionalities, a Server-Side Module (SSM) must be installed and the sites using LDP must registered with the SSM.

  • For more information about Image Galleries please visit the Image Galleries page.
  • For more information about Forms, visit the Form Asset page.
  • For more information about Comments, visit the Comments page.
  • For more information on how to modify LDP Settings and other administrator-only tasks, visit the LDP Settings page.