OU Campus Modules


Additional features and products can be added into an institution's OU Campus account in the form of modules. These optional modules provide enhancements and extend functionality within OU Campus. They can be included during the initial implementation, or added on later as a separate professional service implementation.

Currently available modules include:

  • Course CatalogGuarantee your student body an accurate, timely, and easily accessible course catalog. Content for your catalog can be maintained completely in OU Campus, or data can be pulled from your student information system. 

Course Catalog Icon

  • Email Campaign ManagerEasily create, send, and manage your newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other important marketing emails within OU Campus with Email Campaign Manager. 

Email Campaign Manager Icon

  • Emergency AlertsWhen an unforeseen event occurs, quickly create a custom emergency announcement and prominently display it on your site for everyone to see.

Emergency Alerts Icon

  • Faculty Directory: Showcase your faculty with a uniform and readily accessible directory. With custom built templates, your faculty can easily update their profile pages using form-like entry fields. 

Faculty Directory Icon

  • Live Delivery Platform: Our most commonly included module that includes three components, used as assets - Comments, Forms, and Image Galleries. Because this feature is so commonly implemented, it's often considered a standard function of OU Campus, and you can read about it more in the Assets section of this site.  
  • OU Blogs: A blogging platform run through OU Campus with metadata, tagging, and RSS capabilities.

OU Blogs Icon

  • OU CalendarEvents can be added through a web form or imported, and they are displayed and easily filtered by day, week, month, or even by category. In addition, OU Calendar gives you the ability to set up registration and collect payments for any of your campus events.

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  • OU Insights: Runs reports on your website to give you information on SEO , accessibility, spelling, and links, with the ability to view results on a page-by-page basis.

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  • OU MashupOU Mashup is a one-stop interactive display of your social engagement. Easily showcase content from your choice of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, and more. 

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  • OU Search: Help your website visitors quickly and easily find content with OU Search. Visitors can search and scan results, choose to search within a specific department site or subsite, or use advanced search options. 

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Modules can be viewed in the Marketplace, where you can read descriptions of each module's functionality as well as view videos and screenshots of the module, and send a contact request for purchasing the module. You can also contact sales@omniupdate.com for information on implementing modules.