Faculty Directory


The Faculty Directory module allows institutions to build and manage a dynamic faculty directory within the OU Campus interface. The Faculty Directory module typically takes advantage of MultiEdit templates to enforce a consistent look and feel for all faculty profile pages, while still giving each faculty member control over their own page.

Data from an external database may also be imported into OU Campus and integrated into the Faculty Directory module.


Faculty Directory is added as a section within the file structure of your website. 

Faculty Folder in the File Structure

This directory contains a main index page, as well as sections for each department or other categories of faculty and staff. The index page provides a listing of every faculty member, with the ability to search for them. 

Faculty Directory Index Page


Each folder contains individual pages, each page being the profile of the faculty member. Faculty Directory utilizes MultiEdit to enter data through a form-like interface which ensures consistent formatting for all profiles. This means that instead of opening an editable region to make changes to profiles, information is entered via a form-like interface, ensuring all profiles have the same formatting. 

Editing a Faculty Directory Profile

For more information about MultiEdit, please visit the MultiEdit page.

Adding a New Profile

New faculty profiles are added in exactly the same manner as adding a new page. Simply navigate to the directory for the department of the new faculty member, select the green +New button at the top of the page, and choose the appropriate template.

New Faculty Member Template

Fill out the form accordingly and publish the page to complete adding the new profile. It will automatically be added to the listing on the index page.