Test Campaign Emails

Before sending an email campaign, users may want to send test emails to themselves and others to ensure proper formatting and test against popular spam filters. After uploading the email campaign content, creating a subject line and campaign name, and defining recipient lists, click the Send a Test button to send out test emails.

Test and Define Delivery


Users will then be taken to a screen where they can enter an unlimited amount of email addresses (up to five at a time) as recipients for test emails. The Email Campaign Manager also includes a list of recent email addresses used for test email campaigns. 

Send Test Email

Email Client Preview

Email Campaign Manager has an option where users can elect to view a preview of their campaign for all major email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, mobile email clients, and Apple Mail. To view these previews, click the Full test icon in the Test your campaign screen.

View Full Test


The Full test view, when active, shows the campaign as it is rendered by a variety of email clients. Users can switch between email clients by clicking on the names in the right-hand sidebar. Additionally, the Full test view performs automatic spam filter checks; a green check mark next to each spam filter means that the email campaign will not be marked as spam by that filter.

Test Emails Full Report

Send the Campaign

Once the user has performed enough checks and sent out test emails to their liking, the campaign is ready to be sent. In the "Test your campaign" window, the green "Skip the test" button will change to "Next." From there, users can select the time and date of delivery, set a confirmation email address, and send the campaign (or schedule it for a future date).