Lists and Subscribers

Email Campaign Manager's email recipients are managed through subscriber lists. Lists are managed in the Lists & Subscribers tab within the Email Campaign Manager interface.

Lists and Ssubscribers Tab

Create a New List

To set up a new subscriber list, users should first click Create a new list on the right-hand side of the Lists & Subscribers tab. Enter a list name in the Name field, then choose single or confirmed opt-in as the List Type.

Create New List

Single opt-in means that new subscribers are added to this list as soon as they complete the subscribe form. 

Confirmed opt-in means a confirmation email will be sent with a link they must click to validate their address when they join via a subscribe form.

Click Create list to load a new subscriber list page, which has a button to Add new subscribers in the right sidebar.

Users can import subscribers from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file from their computer, or manually enter subscriber details. For accurate analytics and system performance, it's best to enter individual subscribers, rather than using a single email that sends to a distribution list. 

Add from a CSV File

Users can also add users by dragging and dropping a CSV file into the Add new subscribers modal. This includes CSV files generated from an LDP form submission. For more information on creating a CSV file from a form, visit the Email Campaign Manager and LDP Forms page.

When creating the CSV, use the first row to define categories (e.g. name, email, organization) and then fill out the entries, one per row.

CSV formatting

Then, when adding new subscribers, drag the file into the modal. 

Drag and Drop

The information will then be uploaded. If the category defined in the top row matches an existing field in Email Campaign Manager, it will automatically be assigned. For fields ECM does not recognize, you have the option to reassign it to an existing field.

Assigning Fields to subscribers

Select Finish Adding Subscribers to complete the process. Now that you have your list of subscribers, you're ready to send a new campaign.

You can also create LDP Forms that will automatically subscribe users to a list. Read more about ECM and LDP Forms integration.


You can also break a subscriber list down into segments, based on criteria such as location, gender, or other information. This information can be specified when a user list is imported or when someone signs up for an email campaign. 

To make a segment, click the green Create a new segment button on the right-hand side of the screen. You can then define rules to determine who is included in the segment.

The screen shows three rules: one for "state matches CA exactly," OR "state matches California exactly", AND "date subscribed is before 18 Jul 2018." The segment is named "California."

From the first dropdown list, choose the field that the segment will use to select users. From the second list, you can then choose how that field will be used. The options available here depend on what the chosen field is. For example, using some fields will provide options to filter by the text value of that filter, and whether it includes or excludes a value you define. Other options include specifying whether a recipient subscribed before or after a specific date, whether their location is known, and what actions they took with a previous email campaign. 

Segments are dynamically regenerated from the parent list each time you choose them as recipients, so they are kept up-to-date with the lists.

Multiple rules can be defined to create a segment. There are options for both OR and AND rules. However, segments must be set for each list individually.

Once you have finished defining the rules, name your segment and Save and preview. You will then see a list of all subscribers from the list that match the segment criteria. When defining recipients for a campaign, you'll see segments underneath the subscriber list they are pulled from. You can select or exclude a segment to send to as normal.  

A list that shows the main heading of "Email Campaign Manager Webcast - Registrants (69)" with two subheadings of "CA (0)" and "California (40)". Each heading has a checkbox.

Add Subscribers to Existing List

Click the list name to open the subscriber list page, then click Add new subscribers.

Type or copy/paste the subscriber details into the text box, one subscriber per line. Add email addresses only or include extra details separated by a comma.

Users will then be prompted to match the subscriber details entered with subscriber list fields. If the required field does not exist, create a new one. When done, Click Finish adding subscribers.

Note: Subscribers can also be added manually when preparing a new campaign to send. Instead of choosing an existing list to which the campaign will be sent, users should click Import new.