Tracking Email Analytics

Once campaigns have been created and emails have been generated, users can track specific analytics to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Email campaign analytics are tracked in the Campaigns tab of the interface. Click on a Sent Campaign to see the analytics for it.

Campaign Reports

Key statistics include:

  • Unique opens: Each recipient who opens the email for the first time is counted as one unique open. Total opens to date reflects the total number of times an email was viewed, including repeat opens.
  • Bounced: The bounce data displays the total number of subscribers who did not receive the campaign because the email could not be delivered to the specified email address. Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons, such as the recipients' mailbox being full, the email address being defunct, or the email triggering a spam filter.
  • Clicked a link: Opening "clicked a link" shows you the Link Activity & Overlay view, providing more in-depth statistics about the links in the email campaign.
    Link Activity and Overlay
    The Link Activity and Overlay view also lists the most popular links in the campaign by number of unique and total clicks, and users can switch to a graphic overlay by clicking "Email Overlay" in the top-right, which shows click-through rates for each link superimposed on top of the published email campaign page.
  • Unsubscribed: Reports the total number of recipients that clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign.

Other reports available in the right-hand menu include Recipient Activity, Social Sharing & Forwards, Worldview, Opens & Clicks Over Time, Email Client Usage, and Bounce Summary.