Tracking Email Analytics

Once campaigns have been created and emails have been generated, users can track specific analytics to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Email campaign analytics are tracked in the Campaigns tab of the interface.

Email Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports

There are a number of reports available to users to explain the results for each new campaign generated.

Unique opens

Unique opens does not take repeat opens into account. So, to reference the example given above, the unique opens for that campaign would be 838, though the campaign has been opened a total of 2,545 times. Each recipient who opens the campaign is recorded as one unique open.

Total opens to date

Total opens to date reflects the total number of times a campaign was viewed by recipients, including repeat opens.

The total number of opens to date is found beneath the number of unique opens:

Total Opens to Date


The bounce data displays the total number of subscribers who did not receive the campaign because the email "bounced." A bounce means that the email could not be delivered to the specified email address, because the recipients' mailbox might be full or the email file size is too large (soft bounce) or the email address was entered incorrectly (hard bounce).

Clicked a link

Link Activity and Overlay

Clicking the Clicked a Link link brings users to the Link Activity and Overlay view, where detailed link analytics are found. "Clicked" data provides a number of important figures about the links in a unique campaign. For example, the image above tells us the following:

  • A total of 68 recipients clicked at least one link.
  • This resulted in a click-through rate of 8.11% (the number of people who clicked and the click-through rate can be seen in the general reports area of the interface).
  • Each person clicked 1.96 links on average, with a total of 133 clicks in total.
  • 770 recipients did not click anything in the campaign.

The Link Activity and Overlay view also lists the most popular links in the campaign by number of unique and total clicks, and users can switch to a graphic overlay, which shows click-through rates for each link superimposed on top of the published email campaign page.


The Unsubscribed data reports the total number of recipients that clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign.