Email Campaign Manager and LDP Forms

Configuring LDP Forms

Forms created with LDP can be configured to automatically send form subscriber information to the Email Campaign Manager. The LDP code and XSL files will first need to be updated in the account.

For more information about integrating the Email Campaign Manager with LDP Forms, contact our helpdesk

Once Email Campaign Manager is configured and set up with LDP Forms, Users will use the "Advanced" fields in the form asset to specify the list ID and field names. Make sure to enter a semicolon after each line.

Campaign Manager and Forms

To specify the List ID, enter "campaign=xxxxx;" (where xxxxx is the List ID). Do not include quotation marks.

To specify which field in the list this form field should map to, enter on another line: "campaign_xxxx=true;" (where xxxx is the field name in the list in the Email Campaign Manager). Do not include quotation marks.

Obtaining a List ID

A List ID is required from each separate email campaign in order to integrate LDP Forms with the Email Campaign Manager.

In order to obtain the List ID, go to the "Lists & Subscribers" area of the Email Campaign Manager. Then, click on the list into which you would like the LDP Form submissions to be sent. There will be a "change name/type" link directly underneath the name of the subscriber list. Click that link.

Change Name/Type

Near the bottom of the subsequent page, there will be a string of numbers and letters under the heading "API Subscriber List ID." This is the List ID; copy this string and insert it into the "Advanced" field in LDP Forms as described above.

List ID

Now any user who enters their email into the specified LDP form will be automatically added to that subscriber list.