Building Email in OU Campus


Email Campaign Manager allows you to create, send, and manage emails within OU Campus. All responsive emails are built in the templates using nested tables.  New Campaign Manager emails are built with preconfigured email templates and content snippets that are formatted to fit the constraints of email clients.

Set Up an Email Directory

In order to utilize campaign templates, it is recommended to first set up an empty directory to store email web pages. This directory will be used to create new email campaign pages from templates.

Email directory

Once a directory has been set up, click the New button to begin building a template for the campaign. Find the New Email Campaign Page content type to create the page. Users will then be able to add content just as they would on any other page.

Create New Email Campaign Page modal

Note: that the email campaign template has a very different code structure than a normal OU Campus page template. Therefore, it is important for users to only select the New Email Campaign Page template when creating a new email campaign.

For more information on building out templates with snippets, please visit the Editing Email Templates page.


Workflow for email campaign pages can mirror the workflow and approval structure of the site or directory to which it belongs, just as is the case with any other page in OU Campus. An administrator can edit the access settings for the entire email directory, or access settings can be individually created for each campaign. After creating a new email campaign page, administrators can control access settings by hovering over it in the Pages view and clicking on "Access."

For more information on workflow and access, please visit these pages that discuss access in greater detail:

Directory Access Settings

Page Access Settings

Email Access

Administrators can create approvers for campaign pages and restrict access to the Email Campaign Manager Add-On. This means that administrators can allow users to update content on email campaign pages, while exclusively giving higher-level users or administrators the ability to send and test the campaigns via the Email Campaign Manager Add-On.