Creating Automated Workflows


Workflows in the Email Campaign Manager module are automated emails that are sent when a certain trigger is activated. One of the most common uses for a workflow is sending a welcome email to a new user or registrant.

With the Email Campaign Manger module in OU Campus, users can create a single automated message or create a series of emails to be sent out at specific times. Workflows are associated with mailing lists in the Email Campaign Manager interface.

For more information about the Email Campaign Manager, its interface, and other basics, visit the Email Campaign Manager page.

Creating an Subscriber List Workflow

In order to create a workflow, the Email Campaign Manager must already be configured for the site and subscriber lists must already be created. For information on how to create subscriber lists, visit the Manage Campaign Settings page.

Note: Users who have been imported into a subscriber list manually or from a file will not trigger the workflow. Users will need to subscribe to a list either through a subscribe form or via an API call for the trigger to activate.

  1. After a subscriber list has been created, navigate to the Automation tab in the top menu bar of the Email Campaign Manager interface.

    Automation Tab
  2. Next, click the Create a new journey button on the left hand option.

    Create a New Workflow
  3. On the triggers screen, choose what event will trigger the automated email. For the follow example, the "When someone joins a list" option is used. After selecting a trigger, enter the Name of the workflow item and select the list to which the workflow will be applied. Click Next.

    Fill in Autoresponder Name and Trigger
  4. On the next page, configure when the email should be sent, name the email and subject line, and configure the sender for the email. Then, click Next.

    Fill in autoresponder details

  5. Import your email. Just as with others created with Email Campaign Manager, the email needs to be built in OU Campus, published, and then imported into Email Campaign Manager using the Import from the web option.

    For more information on how to build emails, visit the Designing Your Email Template page.

    Import Email from the Web

    It is also recommended to check the Move my CSS inline box to make sure Gmail and Outlook users can view the email correctly.
  6. After clicking Get my campaign, reviewing the email preview, and adding an optional plain text version, users will be taken to the Snapshot screen.

    Autoresponder Snapshot Screen
    From this screen, users can add another email to the workflow (thus creating a series of emails activated by the same trigger), edit or delete emails contained within the workflow, rename the workflow, or activate the workflow by clicking Start workflow.

Workflow Reporting

When a workflow has been started, the Snapshot screen will begin to collect activity reports on the automated emails.

Users may view open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, and more. If links are included in the email, there will be data about each individual link (number of unique opens, total clicks, etc.).

The data groups present in these reports are the same present with other email reports. For more information about these reports, visit the Tracking Email Analytics page.