Creating Automated Journeys

Journeys in the Email Campaign Manager module are automated emails that are sent when a certain trigger is activated. One of the most common uses for a journey is sending a welcome email to a new user or registrant.

With the Email Campaign Manager module in OU Campus, users can create a single automated message or create a series of emails to be sent out at specific times. Journeys are associated with mailing lists in the Email Campaign Manager interface.

For more information about the Email Campaign Manager, its interface, and other basics, visit the Email Campaign Manager page.

Creating an Subscriber List Journey

In order to create a journey, the Email Campaign Manager must already be configured for the site and subscriber lists must already be created. For information on how to create subscriber lists, visit the Manage Campaign Settings page.

Note: Users who have been imported into a subscriber list manually or from a file will not trigger the journey. Users will need to subscribe to a list either through a subscribe form or via an API call for the trigger to activate.

  1. After a subscriber list has been created, navigate to the Automation tab in the top menu bar of the Email Campaign Manager interface.

    Automation Tab
  2. Next, click the Create a new journey button on the left hand option.

    Create a New Workflow
  3. Give your journey a name and select a trigger to start the journey. For the following example, the "Subscriber joins the list" option is used. After selecting a trigger, select the list to which the workflow will be applied. Click Next.

    Fill in Autoresponder Name and Trigger
  4. You'll now see an overview of your journey. Because it's new and no one has followed it yet, there won't be any stats to display yet. Click the green plus button to add a step to the journey.

    On one side, the screen shows various statistics such as "Total emails sent" and "Avg open rate," but these are blank. On the right the first item is "Subscriber joins the Gallena Newsletter list," and below it is the option to add a step: delay, email, or condition.

  5. There are three options: Delay, Email, and Condition. Make sure to Save using the green button at the bottom of the screen after making each step. 
    • The "Delay" step adds an amount of time to wait before the next step is triggered.

      A field where the length of the delay is configured to 24 hours.
    • "Email" sends an email to the subscriber who is taking this journey. For the email, configure the step name, email subject, and sending address. Select the green Add email content button to create the email itself, using the same steps as when creating a new email campaign
      Fields for configuring email content as described above.
    • "Condition" creates a rule where you can split the journey options off into different paths, depending on subscriber details or actions. For each condition step, you will have to define the rule that creates the condition. You will then have the options to define steps for the "Yes" and "No" paths of the journey. 
      The item contains the rule "Does the subscriber's email contain .edu?" Yes and No options branch off underneath it. The Yes options leads to the item to choose the next step.
      Multiple rules can be stacked to make one condition. They can either be AND or OR. Some rules will require other options to be pre-configured, such as segment membership or custom fields.
  6. Build your journey with as many steps as desired. Once you are satisfied, select Turn on journey in the top left corner to make your journey active.