User Settings



The User Settings menu is available from the global navigation bar and is represented by a generic avatar or Gravatar and currently logged-in user's name. It includes the following menu items:

  • Settings
  • Logout

 User Settings Menu


Settings allows users to view and, and in some cases, edit user information such as password, external email address, and contact phone number. It also lists the user level and any restrictions that exist for the user. The following panels are available:

  • User Information
  • Restrictions
  • Preferences
  • LDAP Configuration

The available fields within each panel are described in more detail on the Users page.

Level 8 users and below cannot change the Restrictions or LDAP Configuration settings, but can view them. 

Note that the time zone and locale settings, when configured by a user, take precedence over the settings configured at the site and/or account level.

Users can navigate to the User Information panel by hovering over their name and selecting Settings from the menu, or by simply clicking on their name in the global navigation bar.


Clicking Logout logs the user out of OU Campus. The Login screen is shown upon logging out. If logged in as a super administrator, then the SuperAdmin interface is shown upon logging out.

Using Gravatar for User Images

OU Campus supports the use of Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) for users to associate a photo or avatar with their account. Gravatar is a third-party website where users create an account and upload an avatar. That avatar will appear automatically on any Gravatar-enabled site (including OU Campus), as the site is linked to the Gravatar account via the email address used on the site. In other words, the user's email address in OU Campus and for their Gravatar account must be the same.

Gravatar Avatar

For more information and to create a Gravatar, visit Gravatar's website.

Note: While Gravatar expects email addresses in a lowercase format, OU Campus supports the use of email addresses that include uppercase characters and the Gravatar for the user is still displayed correctly.