OU Marketplace is where OU Campus users and administrators can view the modules and gadgets offered to OU Campus customers by OmniUpdate and its partners. Users are able to read a description for about each module, view screenshots and videos, and share this information to other OU Campus users and administrators. Administrators inside OU Campus can also get in touch directly with the OmniUpdate sales team to add a module to their account as well.

All system gadgets in the OU Campus system are also listed in Marketplace; when new gadgets are added in future releases, they will be added to Marketplace and will need to then be installed on the account by an administrator.

OU Marketplace is accessible under the Add-Ons menu in the global navigation bar.

Marketplace in the Add-Ons Menu

The following sections are available on this page:

Using OU Marketplace

After clicking the Marketplace item in the Add-Ons menu, OU Marketplace will appear. The Marketplace homepage displays a list of featured modules and gadgets, as well as recently added items to the marketplace. Clicking the Categories drop-down menu in the top right of the homepage will allow users to view only modules, only gadgets, or both. Clicking the company name under the name of each module or gadget will list all of the products offered by that company.

Marketplace Home Screen

When viewing a particular gadget or module, users will be able to view the developer name/organization, version and release information, a description of the module/gadget, media about the feature, and additional related modules and gadgets.

Module Screen in OU Marketplace

Requesting Modules

Level 10 administrators can directly contact the OmniUpdate sales team within OU Marketplace to request a module for their institution. Clicking the blue Add button under each module title will bring up a modal where administrators can enter their contact information. This information will be sent to the OmniUpdate sales team, who will contact the administrator and coordinate the module purchase.

Add Module Modal

Lower-level users (i.e., user levels 1-9) will see a Request button under each module name; rather than send a message to OmniUpdate directly, these users can send a message to other OU Campus users or administrators to show them the module. Clicking the envelope icon below the module version information will also open this modal. The envelope icon is available to all users, including level 10 admins.

Send Request Modal

Adding Gadgets from the Marketplace 

When new gadgets are added to OU Campus, they will first reside in the Marketplace. This applies to both system gadgets (those developed by OmniUpdate) and gadgets developed by third parties. In order to add them into the account and thus enable them for use, level 10 administrators must find the gadget in question in the Marketplace and click the Add button underneath the gadget name.

Adding A Gadget from the Marketplace

This will activate the gadget and make it appear in the Gadgets list view found at Setup > Gadgets. Then, level 10 administrators can further configure the gadget options from that screen. For more information, visit the Gadgets setup page.