YouTube Gadget


Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

YouTube Sidebar Gadget

The YouTube Gadget is a sidebar gadget allows users to insert videos from YouTube into editable regions in OU Campus. Multiple YouTube channels can be linked to the gadget and videos can be inserted from the channels' uploads, favorites, or playlists. Users can also search through the entirety of YouTube for videos to insert.

Using the Gadget

The YouTube gadget will appear in the Gadgets sidebar after a user has entered an editable region. To insert a YouTube video into a page:

  1. Navigate to a page via Content > Pages and check the page out.
  2. Enter an editable region.
  3. Open the Gadgets sidebar. If the YouTube gadget is not already visible, click the Choose Gadgets (gear) icon and enable the gadget by clicking the checkbox next to its name and clicking Save.
  4. Expand the YouTube gadget by clicking the chevron next to its name.
  5. In the gadget, choose the YouTube channel by clicking on the Channel drop-down menu (blue text) at the top of the gadget.

    Channel Drop-Down Menu
  6. Choose which playlist to select a video from by clicking the Categories drop-down menu. Choose between that channel's uploads, favorites, or other custom playlists.

    Categories Drop-Down Menu
  7. Find the desired video (using the Filter tool if necessary) and click it to preview the video. The video's description is visible and the video itself can be previewed.

    Preview YouTube Video
  8. Click Insert. The video will be placed in the editable region where the cursor has been placed.
  9. Alternatively, simply click and drag the video from the gadget into the editable region to place it in the page without opening the preview.

    Drag and Drop YouTube Video into Editable Region

Searching YouTube in the Gadget

If the option has been made available, users can also search through all of YouTube to find a video. To search all of YouTube:

  1. Click on the Channel drop-down menu and select All YouTube Videos.

    All YouTube Videos
  2. Type in a Search query and press Enter.
  3. Preview and insert the video (or drag and drop) as described above.

Configuring the Gadget

Level 10 administrators can add YouTube channels to the YouTube gadget in Setup > YouTube. In the YouTube Channels list view, administrators are able to add new YouTube channel and edit or delete channels that have been previously configured.

For information, visit the Setup Youtube page.