Workflow Gadget


Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

The Workflow Gadget is a dashboard and sidebar gadget that shows all items in a user's workflow, from items sent to another user for approval to items awaiting the current user's feedback. Users are able to navigate to each file in workflow, as well as view the message history and compose messages from within the gadget to the users associated with each item in workflow.

Workflow items that have not been updated, reassigned, approved, declined, or otherwise adjusted in over a year will not appear in the Workflow Gadget; visit the Workflow screen in Dashboard > Workflow to view those workflow items.

For more information about how workflow functions in OU Campus, visit the Workflow Overview page in the Setup section of this site. For information about the Workflow screen found at Dashboard > Workflow, please visit the Workflow page in the Dashboard section.

Workflow Gadget Views

Dashboard Sidebar
Workflow Gadget in the Dashboard Workflow Gadget in the Sidebar

Using the Gadget

Both gadget views show a list of all items that are in the user's workflow. When a file is submitted for approval or sent to another user for approval, a new list item will appear in the gadget. Clicking on the list item in the gadget will bring up the message history, where users can communicate back and forth about the item in workflow. From this expanded view, users can also click the linked file to travel to the file in question.

Workflow Item - Expanded View

Messages within a workflow may be either public or private. Public messages are visible to all those involved in the workflow of a particular file, whereas private messages are visible only to the sender and the recipient. As seen in the example above, private messages are highlighted yellow, whereas public messages will be blue.

By default, a message will have the same privacy setting as the one it is responding to, i.e. responding to a private message will automatically set the message as private as well, and send it it to that same person. However, the recipient may be changed by clicking the people icon in the bottom left corner and selecting a recipient from the drop down list. Choosing "All participants" will set the message to public.

Switch Between Users in a Workflow Item

Private messages may only be sent to one person at a time; there is currently no option to select multiple users.