Social Media Analytics


Social Media Analytics is a set of analytics that is found within the Page Analytics gadget. As such, navigation through the gadget is the same as for the Page Analytics gadget. For more information about the Page Analytics Gadget itself, visit the Page Analytics Gadget page.

All user levels can access this gadget, but a Level 10 administrator needs to set up Google Analytics and link social media accounts to the site before the gadget can be used.

To learn more about setting up Google Analytics for a site, visit the Google Analytics Views page.

To learn more about setting up social media accounts, visit the Set Up Twitter and Set Up Facebook pages.

The Social Analytics Gadget is used to track the likes, comments, shares, and other social media interactions made by users in response to social media posts made through OU Campus to linked Facebook or Twitter accounts. This data is found within the Page Analytics Gadget, which can be accessed via the Gadgets Sidebar.

Page Analytics Gadget - Social Media Analytics View

Social Media Analytics (Gadgets Sidebar)

Clicking on Expand View will bring up a modal that graphically represents the data.

Social Media Analytics (Expanded View)

Social Media Analytics (Expanded View)


This gadget tracks posts that have been made to social media accounts from within the OU Campus interface. For more information on how to post to Facebook or Twitter, please visit their respective pages.

In order to view social media analytics:

  • Navigate to a page in OU Campus and click the Gadgets sidebar.
  • Make sure that "Page Analytics" has been activated on the sidebar (if not, activate it via the gear icon next to "Gadgets" at the top of the sidebar) and click the arrow to open it.
  • Click the blue drop-down selector to switch between the social media accounts and Google Analytics views that have been activated for the site.

Switch Account Views

  • Use the calendar popover menu to select the range of posting dates that will be analyzed. Data (e.g. Likes, Comments, Retweets) will only be collected for OU Campus postings that were made during the selected date range.

    Note that all data up to the present day will be displayed for posts that fall within the date range.

    Level 10 administrators can use the Custom Reports tool to track when posts have been sent to Facebook or Twitter on a page. For more information, visit the Facebook Wall Posts Report and Tweets Report pages.

    Social Media Analytics Calendar Popover
  • If desired, click Expand View to view data graphically.

Things to Remember

Data from the gadget is on a per-page basis. Only posts made from the page a user is on will be shown in the gadget. To see data from another page, users must first navigate to the page in the OU Campus interface. 

The gadget will aggregate data from multiple posts made from the same page on the same date into one graph.

In order to see data about a specific post, the date range for the gadget must include the date of the posting. All likes, comments, shares, etc. from the day it was posted until the current day will then be shown (even if the date range does not include the present day).

Analytics will be shown for one social media account at a time. To see data from other accounts, click the blue drop-down selector and choose a different social media account.