Snippets Gadget



Authority Level: Available to user levels 1-10; administrators may restrict access through access settings. This gadget only appears when the user has opened an editable region in the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor.

Snippets Sidebar Gadget

The Snippets Gadget is a sidebar gadget that allows users to add previously created snippets into an editable region. This gadget helps streamline the editing process when adding snippets to a page, providing drag and drop functionality to the JustEdit interface.

It is important to remember that the Snippets Gadget does not appear in the Gadgets sidebar until an editable region has been opened in the WYSIWYG Editor, or when using the Source Editor. A level 0 user does not have editing capabilities and will not be able to access this gadget.

In the Snippets Gadget, users can:

  • Filter the list of snippets by snippet category. All snippets are shown by default once the Snippets Gadget is expanded. Choose a category from the drop-down to view all the snippets assigned to that particular snippet category.
    Choose Snippet Category
  • Preview a snippet by clicking on the snippet name.
    Preview Snippet
  • Toggle between snippet preview and code view (administrators only)
    Preview Snippet Source Code
  • Insert a snippet into the editable region or Source Editor from its preview.
    Insert Snippet from Preview
  • Insert a snippet onto a page by double-clicking it.
  • Drag a snippet into the editing area to insert it on a page.
    Drag Snippet into WYSIWYG Editor

Once a snippet is inserted on a page, it can be edited without modifying the original snippet.

In order for this gadget to be functional, snippets must first be created within the site. For more information about creating and managing snippets, visit the Snippets page.