Site Analytics


Authority LevelAll user levels by default; administrators may restrict access to the gadget and to each data group in the gadget through access settings.

With the Site Analytics Gadget, Google Analytics data is viewable within OU Campus in a flexible Dashboard gadget.

Users of the Google Analytics account can configure views as necessary to provide a bird's eye view of the analytics reporting for the entire site, or by applying filters, can provide a more granular view. Frequently used metrics for measuring data include visits, unique visitors, page views, referring web sites, and visit length. Dimensions refer to a particular description or way to organize metrics. For example, pageviews is a metric, and a custom date range is a dimension.

Site Analytics Dashboard Gadget

The Site Analytics Gadget includes the following features and functionality:

  • Choice of multiple analytics views through the drop-down selector at the top right (in the example above, is the selected analytics view)
  • Home icon for reverting to thumbnail view after viewing a data group's expanded view. Double-clicking the home icon resets the thumbnail view to the initial three items
  • Custom and preconfigured date range selections (e.g., Last 7 Days, Today, and Last 30 Days) with a calendar popover
  • Thumbnail views of metrics and dimensions, which include data points
  • Expanded view for each set of metrics and dimensions, which includes the same graphic from the thumbnail view as well as an aggregate for the dimension. For example, if the dimension is a time range of one week, and the metric is pageviews both unique and total, the expanded view additionally provides the total for all unique pageviews for the week and the total page views for the week.
  • Slider to scroll through thumbnail views for each item (e.g., Pageviews by date, New Visits by date)
  • Horizontal bullet points for horizontal scrolling through the detailed metrics
  • In either thumbnail and expanded displays, hover over the data point on the chart, list, or map for the details of the data point

Site Analytics Data Group (Expanded View)

Site Analytics Data Group Expanded View

The data for each group of metrics/dimensions are provided in a line graph, pie chart, bar chart/list, or map. While the actual data for the Site Analytics Gadget and the Page Analytics Gadget are different, the reporting available is the same.

For more explanation regarding each of these data groups, refer to the Analytics Data Groups page.

Configuring Google Analytics Views

Level 10 Administrators can change which Google Analytics views are visible in the gadget and who can view them by navigating to Setup > Google Analytics and either adding another view or editing a current view and modifying the Available to drop-down menu.

For more information, please visit the Google Analytics Views page.

Choose a Google Analytics View

Using the Gadget

In the Site Analytics Gadget itself, users can use the date range selectors to view data over a predefined or custom-defined amount of time.

Select a Date Range in Site Analytics

Clicking the Home icon will bring the user back from an expanded data group back to the thumbnail view, which shows thumbnails for all available data groups. In the thumbnail view, clicking the Home button will bring the user back to the first three thumbnails.

Home Button in Expanded Data Group

When viewing a thumbnail of a data group, hover over and click the expand icon to show the expanded view.

Click to Expand Data Group

Hovering over a data point on a line graph, chart, map, or bar chart/list will show more details.

Hover over a Data Point

When browsing through expanded data groups or in the thumbnail view, navigation arrows and buttons are available to help the user navigate to different data groups.

Navigation Arrows and Buttons in a Data Group