Quick Publish Gadget


Authority Level: Administrators only by default; administrators may grant access to other users through access settings. This gadget only appears when the user has opened an editable region in the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor.

Quick Publish Gadget in the Gadgets Sidebar

Note: This gadget will not be available for use until it has been added from OU Marketplace. For more information, please visit the Installing Gadgets from the Marketplace section of the OU Marketplace page.

The Quick Publish Gadget allows users to save and publish a page to the production target of their choice in one click. Users can add a version description and choose a publish target from the gadget.

Note that if Final Check has been enforced for a page, the Quick Publish Gadget will override that setting and publish the page without running any of the enforced checks. This means that any users who would normally be required to go through final checks (such as spelling and accessibility) may now bypass those via the Quick Publish Gadget if given access to it. If there are instances where this is not desired, administrators can set an access group for the gadget in Setup > Gadgets and restrict its use to administrators or other high-level users.

Publishing a page with the Quick Publish Gadget will not check the file back in, as what happens when publish a page normally; the file will remain checked-in to the user to further facilitate rapid publishing of the same page in one sitting. When finished publishing, users can check the file back in manually by clicking the lightbulb icon in the Page Actions toolbar or by performing a normal publish action (i.e., not with the gadget).

The Quick Publish Gadget is only visible when a user is viewing an editable region using JustEdit or the standard WYSIWYG Editor, or if the user is viewing the page via the Source Editor.

This gadget is not shown in the Gadgets sidebar by default, and must be enabled by clicking Choose Gadgets (gear icon) in the sidebar and clicking the checkbox next to its name in the resulting modal.

Choose Gadgets Icon

To publish a page using the Quick Publish Gadget:

  1. Check out the page to be edited and enter an editable region.
  2. Edit the region as necessary.
  3. Open the Gadgets sidebar by clicking the plug icon and expand the Quick Publish Gadget.
  4. Enter in a version description and choose a publish target (if applicable).
  5. Click Save and Publish. The page will be saved to staging and published to the production server or alternative publish target immediately. The page will remain checked in to the user.