Page Parameters Gadget


Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

Page Parameters Sidebar Gadget

The Page Parameters Gadget is a sidebar gadget allows users to view and edit the parameters of a checked-out page without having to navigate to the Page Parameters screen of the Page Actions Toolbar (found inside Properties). For more information about editing Page Parameters, visit the Parameters page.

Opening the gadget in the sidebar reveals the editable fields under the Title and Metadata and Custom Settings headings. Users are able to enter information into the fields and click Save. The Page Properties will then be saved and the page preview will refresh.

As a reminder. only level 5 users and able can view and edit the parameters of a page. If a level 4 user or below opens the gadget, a warning will display notifying the user that they do not have access to Page Parameters.

Page Parameters Gadget view for a Level 4 User or Below

The page must be checked out to the current user for the gadget to work. If the page is checked out to another user, the gadget, when expanded, will display a lock icon and the name of the user who has checked out the page.

Page Checked Out to Another User


Excluding Page Parameters from the Gadget

From the Source Editor, administrators may also exclude certain parameters from being shown in the Page Parameters Gadget. This may be done in order to show only the essential properties in the gadget, such as metadata or basic template options.

To exclude a page parameter from the Page Parameters Gadget:

  1. Navigate to a page in the Pages list view and check it out.
  2. Open the Source Editor.
  3. In the opening <parameter> tag of any parameter, add exclude-gadget="yes".
  4. Save and open the Page Parameters Gadget to confirm that the parameter is no longer visible.
  5. Publish the page.

Hiding Title and Meta Tags from the Gadget

Level 10 administrators can also configure the gadget to not show any field under the Title and Meta Tags section. This means that only the page parameters under the Custom Settings section will be editable from the gadget.

In order to hide the Title and Meta Tags section from the gadget:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Gadgets as a Level 10 administrator.
  2. Hover over the Page Parameters row and click Edit.
  3. In the Edit Gadget modal, Click Yes next to the Hide Meta Tags heading.
  4. Click Save.

Hide Meta Tags in Edit Gadget Modal