Notes Gadget


Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

 Notes Gadget

The Notes Gadget is a sidebar gadget that gives users the ability to leave notes both for themselves and others on a page. Public notes are visible to everyone who edits the page, whereas private notes are visible only to the user who made the note.

When editing a page, type in the blank field to leave a note. A save icon will appear, which must be clicked to save the note. Once saved, notes can be edited, by clicking the pencil icon, or deleted, by clicking the circled "x." Users are only able to edit or delete notes they themselves have posted. The only exception to this is Level 10 admins, who may delete (but not edit) notes posted by other users.

Gadget with Multiple Notes

Users can switch from public to private notes by clicking the tab at the top of the gadget. Click the "All" dropdown in the top right will allow for filtering notes within a certain range of time (e.g. last month, last 6 months, etc.).\

Page and User Deletion

When a page is recycled, the notes remain associated with it and will be restored if the page is. However, if a page is permanently deleted the notes are deleted with it as well.

If a user is deleted from OU Campus, their notes will remain in the gadget. However, the name associated with the note will be changed to "Deleted User."