My Checked-Out Content



Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

The My Checked-Out Content Gadget is both a dashboard gadget and a sidebar gadget. Although each gadget is displayed differently, they share the same functionality. This gadget is helpful when working on a large site with multiple files and directories as it provides a way to easily select a file to edit rather than navigate through the directories. The user can click the path link to navigate to the checked-out page where it can then be modified or published, or click the status indicators to check a page back in.

When accessing the My Checked-Out Content gadget, the following elements are displayed:

  • File Path: The page's location within the site.
  • Status Icon: Clicking the light bulb checks the page back in, which allows another user to make modifications to the page.
  • Locked: Shows the date the content was locked by the user.
  • Saved: Shows the date of the last save.

This gadget is available to all users.

For information about the various file status icons visible in this gadget, visit the Icons reference page.

My Checked-Out Content Gadget Views

Dashboard Sidebar
Workflow Dashboard Gadget Workflow Sidebar Gadget

Checking In Files with My Checked-Out Content

Before logging out of OU Campus, it is recommended to check the My Checked-Out Content gadget to ensure that any pages that should not be checked out are checked back in. A page cannot be modified by another user if it is checked out unless an administrator checks it back in.

For more information regarding checked-out content and permissions, visit the Checked-Out Content page.

Both the sidebar and the dashboard version of this gadget have the same method for checking files back in. To check a page back into OU Campus, simply click the lightbulb icon in the gadget.