Images Gadget


Authority Level: Available to user levels 1-10administrators may restrict access through access settings. This gadget only appears when the user has opened an editable region in a WYSIWYG Editor or the Source Editor.

Images Gadget

The Images Gadget is a sidebar gadget that gives users the functionality to drag and drop previously uploaded images from the Gadgets sidebar into an editable region when using the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor. This gadget is useful in that it helps streamline the process of adding images to pages. Images can also be downloaded to a local computer by dragging an image from the Images Gadget onto the desktop.

A level 0 user does not have editing capabilities and will not be able to access this gadget.

The Images Gadget allows users to:

  • View images from a particular directory as thumbnails. Use Select New Location to specify the directory from which to show thumbnail previews.
  • View a larger preview of an image by clicking it. The file name is shown in the preview.
  • Insert an image from the preview by clicking the Insert button in the image's larger view.
  • Drag an image onto the editing area to insert it on a page.

Selecting the Images Folder

Images can be chosen from the production server or an auxiliary site, or if Binary Management is enabled, from the staging server. Images must already be uploaded to the location in order to be accessed via the Images Gadget.

To select a new directory to show in the gadget:

  1. Click the Select New Location link or click the folder icon.
  2. From the Select Folder modal, select Staging, Production, or an auxiliary site. Note that a publish target might be included in the list of Auxiliary Sites, but only an auxiliary site can be used.

    Select Folder modal
    If necessary, select the Show Files checkbox to show the files in the folder.
  3. Click Select.

Adding Images from the WYSIWYG Editor

  1. If the Gadgets sidebar is not visible, click the Show Gadgets icon to show the sidebar.

    Show Gadgets button

  2. Expand the Images Gadget using the expand icon.

    Expand Gadget Button
  3. Choose the image from the available thumbnails.
  4. Add the image using one of two methods:
  • Drag the image onto the WYSIWYG Editor.

    Drag Image into WYSIWYG Editor
  • Click the image's thumbnail in the Images Gadget. From the preview of the image, click Insert and the image is inserted at the location of the cursor.

    Insert Image from Images Gadget

Final Notes

The Images Gadget will initially populate images from the folder defined by the Default Image Folder directory variable, if that directory variable has been defined. If the directory variable has never been defined, the gadget will populate images from the folder defined in the Image Directory field in the Production Server FTP Settings panel under Setup > Sites > Edit Site. If nothing is defined there, the gadget will just begin at the site root.