Bookmarks Gadget


Available to: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

Bookmarks GadgetThe Bookmarks Gadget is a dashboard and sidebar gadget that allows users to bookmark any screen, view or URL within OU Campus. This includes not only editable pages but assets, custom reports, and more. To create a bookmark, simply click the green +Bookmark button at the bottom of the gadget. Upon clicking +Bookmark, the current view in OU Campus will be saved as a bookmark, with the title of the page as the default bookmark title. Users can edit the bookmark title to a different name here if they would like. Clicking on the bookmark will take the user to that page.

Once saved, the name of the bookmark may be changed at any time by hovering over the bookmark and clicking the pencil icon that appears. To delete bookmarks, hover over them and click the encircled "X." There is no confirmation required for deleting a bookmark, and they cannot be restored once deleted.

Bookmarks may also be sorted within folders as well as filtered. To create a new folder, click the blue folder icon at the top right of the gadget and name the folder. To add bookmarks to a folder, simply expand the folder by clicking the small arrow to the left of it and click and drag the desired bookmark to underneath the folder. Folders can be deleted and edited in the same way tags are. 

Tags in general may be reordered by dragging them; the highlighted blue space indicates where the tag will be placed. They may be moved in and out of folders as well from folder to folder and arranged outside of folders. 

Dragging a Bookmark

Bookmarks are visible only to the user that creates them, and may be accessed from any page on the site. 

Note: If a files (such as a .pcf) that a user has bookmarked is moved or deleted, that bookmark will no longer work and instead display an error message.