Tag Management


Tag Management is a feature by which tags can be added to binary files and webpages in OU Campus. These tags can be used to categorize files for easier retrieval when searching, and also can be used, for example, to add metadata, like keywords, to a published page.

Tag Management also includes the ability to use collections, or pre-defined groups of tags, to control the list of possible tags which can be added to a page or file.

Tags are assigned to pages and files from within the Page Properties screen. By default, any users with access to Page Properties can add tags to a page or file, though administrators can restrict this.

Level 10 administrators can manage the tags that have been added to the site from the Tags screen in the Setup menu.

Adding Tags to Files

Tags can be added to webpages, binary files, and assets. Any user with access to properties for that file can add tags, as well as create them directly through that interface. However, administrators have the ability to restrict this through Tag Access Settings (see below). For more information on adding tags, visit the Parameters page.

Adding Tags to a Page in Page Properties

Searching for Tags

The primary purpose of tags in OU Campus is to allow for easy grouping of content and provide search criteria beyond the content of the page itself. For example, all pages relating to biology within the science department folder may be tagged "biology" so they can be filtered for.

For more information about searching for tags, visit the Filter page.

In the Pages List View

When searching through files while in Pages List View, select the black tag icon next to the Filter field and select from the drop-down list that appears the tag or tags you wish to filter for or apply to your search.

Filter Bar with Tags Icon

Using a Filechooser

When in a filechooser, users can enter tags into the filter bar above the file structure to find files that contain those tags. Searching in this method will find all files in the currently-displayed directory as well as any subdirectories.

Filechooser with "Filter by Tag" Field Visible

Configuring Tag Access

User levels 8 through 10 can configure tag access by hovering over a directory and selecting Edit > Tag Access. Fixed tags may be configured so they are automatically applied to every file within the directory. Filtered tags can also be configured, to either prevent certain tags from being added or to ensure tags can only be added from predefined tags and collections. For more information on configuring tag access, visit the Tag Access Settings page.

Tag Access Settings Modal

Managing Tags

Level 10 administrators can manage, delete, and disable tags at the site level from Setup > Tags. They can add and configure collections of tags from this screen as well. For information on managing tags, visit the Tags page.

Tags List View


Outputting Tags on a Published Page

In order to display tags on a published page, users can take advantage of an XSL API that has been developed for Tag Management. There are a total of eight API calls that can be made to retrieve tag data from the system. To learn more, visit the XSL API for Tag Management page.