The OU Campus CMS provides many ways to edit content as well as ways to manage different content types. Administrators can set up the system to use a variety of editing methods and tools including the fully customizable WYSIWYG Editor and the Source Editor.

For users, access to editing tools is as simple as logging into the system via a DirectEdit link and just editing the content on a page. If further editing is required for other pages or content, users can access other areas of the system to which they have been provided access by browsing the file structure in the Pages list view, the Dashboard, the File Navigation sidebar, or from shortcut links provided in a gadget. bookmarks and links can be made directly to content on the staging server, for example, by using bookmarks in a browser.

Also available for users is the ability to choose content areas such as Pages, Assets, and other content types from the Content menu.

Content Menu Views for Different User Levels

Level 10 Level 9 Levels 5 through 8
Levels 0 through 4

Content Menu

Content Menu

Content Menu

Content Menu

Authority Levels and Content

The Content menu shows menu items based on authority level. In other words, not all users see the same menu. The list of all available items is as follows:

Pages Icon Pages: Pages provides access to the Pages list view and content editing functionality such as editing, reviewing, and publishing pages, as well as uploading files and using the Recycle Bin. The Pages menu item is available to all levels; features and functionality found within the Pages list view is determined by user level and access settings.

Assets Icon Assets: Assets fall under the umbrella of reusable content. The Assets menu item is viewable to all levels; access to the assets collection or specific assets can be further restricted by an administrator.

An atom icon.Components: Components are also reusable content. Only level 10 users have access to creating and making components, but most users can add them to pages.

Snippets Icon Snippets: Snippets are another form of reusable content. User levels 9 and 10 can access this menu item to manage and create snippets, which most users can then insert on a page.

RSS Icon RSS: Provides access to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, feed items, and feed groups. User levels 10 can access this menu item.

Find and Replace Icon Find and Replace: Find and Replace is an administrator tool that can be used to conduct a site-wide search and replace, either through plain text or regex searches. Available to user levels 10.

Recycle Bin Icon Recycle Bin: The Recycle Bin allows Administrators can restore files from the Recycle Bin or delete them permanently. Available to Level 9 and 10 on the Content menu.