Find and Replace


Level 10 administrators can conduct a site-wide find and replace from the Find and Replace screen. This tool will be able to find/alter the content of a file, but not the filename.

Either a find or a find and replace can be performed. The Preview Replace button helps prevent the inadvertent overwriting of content by displaying the replaced content before making any changes. Additionally, content that has already been replaced can be reverted if it is found that content was accidentally overwritten. When replacing or reverting content, a publish is required to make the updates live on the production server or publish target, because the changes are initially made to the staging files.

Find and replace can be accessed by selecting Content > Find and Replace from the global navigation bar. 

Find and Replace in Content Menu

The Find and Replace feature also includes the ability to refine the scope of a search by offering options to ignore case, include assets, exclude checked-out files, delimiting by extension, and/or selectively choose directories, files, or even single files. The search string can be either a literal text or regular expression search.

The results include a summary, the details of which include the type of search, search string, the number of files searched and matched, and the total number of matches. The results are listed by file and the listing includes the total number of files found matching the criteria, the ability to filter and sort the list, and the capability to selectively apply the replace. The replace results are color coded and shown in context by default, but can be hidden from view if so desired. The results can also be exported as a CSV file.

Once a replace has been performed, the results are saved and are available until another replace action is performed. Any adminstrator can navigated to the Last Replace Results screen in order to review, revert, publish, or download the results of a previous replace. 

Note: Use Caution when performing a global find and replace. A replace action affects files on the staging server and could include page templates if the templates folder is included in the directory selection. Both code and text for files are included in the find and replace actions.

Search Criteria

Administrators can configure the options and scope for a find action or a find and replace action.

For more information, visit the Search Criteria page.

Find Results

The Find Results screen shows a summary and list view of results. This screen is available after a find or when previewing a replace.

For more information, visit the Find Results page.

Last Replace Results

After replacing content, the results are displayed on the Last Replace Results screen. This view provides a summary of the last replacement that was made for the site and a list of the results of the previous replace. The replacement can also be reverted or published.

For more information, visit the Last Replace Results page.