Find Results


Immediately after performing a find or a find and replace, a summary is shown of the results. When previewing a find and replace, the screen shows the Preview Replace Summary panel and the Find Results list. For a find-only, the screen shows the Find Summary and the Find Results. Both views include the following features:

  • A summary of the action
  • A list of the results
  • The ability to filter or sort the results list
  • The ability to hide or show the source of the file as it is shown in context of the result for each file
  • Clicking through to a preview of the content with the match
  • Number of matches within each file or asset
  • The summary and results can be exported in the format of a CSV file

Example of a Find and Replace Search Preview

Results of a Find and Replace Action

Find Summary/Preview Replace Summary 

The summary of the action includes the following:

  • Search Type: Displays the type of search that was performed, which can be Literal Text or Regular Expression.
  • Search String: The content that has been searched for as entered via search criteria.
  • Replace String: The content that will replace the search string as entered in the search criteria (only available with the Preview Replace Summary).
  • Files Searched: The number of files that were inspected during the action.
  • Files with Matches: The number of files that contain a match to the search string.
  • Total Matches: Total number of matches within all content.

Find Results List

The Find Results list shows the results of a find-only or with the preview of the replace. The results shown depend upon the search criteria as the options and scope can affect the results in terms of including assets, file type, and so on. The number of files that have matching content is displayed in the header and a filter is provided to further control which search results are displayed. The list renders differently depending on if a find-only or if a preview of a replace was performed. 

Example of a Find-Only Search Preview

Example of a Find-Only Search


The find or the find and replace results are shown in context in a code snippet below each file listed. These results are color-coded as follows:

  • Find-only: The in-context results are shown in bold purple.
  • Preview Replace: The search string is shown in red strike-through and the replace string is shown underlined in green.

If the results listed go beyond a page's length, then the results are paginated. The number of pages of search results are displayed and can be navigated using the corresponding navigation arrows.

Hide Source/Show Source

Administrators can further customize the interface of the Find Results screen with the use of the Hide/Show Source button. When a user clicks Hide Source, the Find Results list no longer displays a preview of the matches found on each page, but rather the list is collapsed to show only one row for each file. 

Exporting Find Results

An administrator has the ability to export the results of the Find and Replace search to an external spreadsheet file using the Export CSV button. When an administrator clicks the Export CSV button, the spreadsheet file is created and automatically saved to the default download directory for the browser.