Common Functionality


This section includes an overview of several items that are commonly used within the OU Campus interface:

Log In

End-users and administrators alike can log in to OU Campus through a published page with the use of an on-page link known as DirectEditTM. DirectEdit can be a link or a button as it can be styled to match the styling of the site, or it can be an image or a date stamp anywhere on a published page. Typically, every page of a web site includes a DirectEdit link to allow users to log in directly to edit a page.

For more information visit the Log In page.

Checked Out/In

A user can check out a page or file in OU Campus, which effectively locks it so that other users cannot check it out, and prevents the situation whereby two editors would overwrite each others' changes. File status indicators reflect the state of an OU Campus page and other files, including if it is checked out or not. When a user edits a page by clicking an edit button, the page is automatically checked out to that user.

For more information visit the Checked Out/In page.


The Icons page provides a list and description of all the icons in the system.

For more information visit the Icons page.

Drag and Drop

From uploading images on the fly to moving pages and directories, learn how to easily drag and drop files right into OU Campus.

For more information visit the Drag and Drop page.


The Filter tool allows users to delimit results in list view according to the string typed into the Filter field. The filter can apply to one or more specific columns that are available in that view.

For more information visit the Filter page.


Pagination is displayed at the bottom of the screen for list views. By default, 100 rows will be shown per page before a new page begins and pagination appears. Users can select Previous, Next, or a specific page number to view. Pagination is useful for minimizing the amount of scrolling needed to navigate through the list view. The default number of 100 rows per page can be changed by entering a different amount in the text field located in the bottom left corner of the screen

For more information visit the Pagination page.

Date-Time Picker

Date-time choosers are found in several locations throughout OU Campus, such as scheduling a page for publish or expiration, setting date ranges for analytics functions, or at times when creating new content or templates.

For more information visit the Date-Time Picker page.

File Choosers

File choosers throughout the system are the way users link to, upload, or include content on a page.

For more information visit the File Choosers page.