Fixed Footer


In many places throughout OU Campus, users will notice a fixed footer bar at the bottom of the screen. This footer is where pagination is displayed for the many list views throughout OU Campus, and where other options can appear to save a form, send an inbox message, and more.

Fixed Footer with Pagination in the Pages List View

Fixed Footer Options

Many screens in OU Campus take advantage of the fixed footer to persistently display options for a long form or configuration screen. Users are able to see the Save and Cancel options for screens like Page Parameters or Site Settings without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Options for Page Properties in Fixed Footer


There are other screens that place options on the fixed footer as well. For example, users are able to reply to and forward messages in their OU Campus Inbox from the fixed footer. For Find and Replace, the Find and Preview Replace buttons reside on the fixed footer.


When users access a screen that displays a list view or report that contains more list items than can be rendered on-screen, then the list view results become paginated. Pagination is useful for minimizing the amount of scrolling needed to navigate through the list view.

Fixed Footer Pagination

By default, 100 rows/items are displayed before the results are paginated. However, this amount can be changed using the drop-down menu, by either selecting pre-defined amounts or entering in a custom amount. The stored preference for rows-per-page applies to the entire application. Once this is changed in any view, every paginated view will use the same value until it is changed again. There can be a maximum of 9999 pages shown. Any files that would cause the pagination to exceed this number will just be shown on the final page, rather than being displayed on their own page(s).

Users can navigate to a page by clicking on the corresponding linked number in the pagination bar, or by clicking Next or Previous. Users also can click the ellipsis button to have the pagination menu display the next or previous seven pages.

Pagination and Selecting All

When a list view has become paginated and when using the Select All checkbox to select all files within the list, all results across all pages are selected. If selecting specific files and directories using checkboxes, the specific files and directories will remain selected when navigating by pagination.