The filter tool is one of the most common utilities within OU Campus. It is available on many of the OU Campus screens that provide a view of content within the system.

Filter Tool

For example, the Filter tool and searching by tags are available on the Pages and Assets list views, all reports, filechoosers, and many others. The Filter tool allows the content in a list view to be delimited by the string typed into the Filter field. The filter applies to specific columns available on the screen.

Administrators have the ability, through Access Settings, to choose which files or folders to exclude from search indexing.

Filtering in the Pages List View

Filtering in Pages List View does not search the source code of a page, but will search the text, metadata, and file names of files. Assets themselves are not searched, but the text of an asset that is included on a subscribing page is searched. As text is typed, the visible results will be filtered to match that string. Clearing the text will restore the view to all content in the location. Filtering only works on files present in the current location and will not pull files from the included directories. 

Filtering in the Pages List View

Filtering With Tags

Clicking the black tag icon to the left of the filter bar allows tags to be applied to the filter. It will provide a dropdown list of all tags available within the account; selecting a tag will narrow the results to all files in that folder which are currently tagged with that tag. Multiple tags can be applied at once, in which case the results will be all files that contain every tag selected, as opposed to any. Files can also be filtered within tags; i.e., filtering for all files containing the string "schedule" within the tag "sports." To clear tags from the filter, click the encircled "x" in the filter bar.

Filtering With Tags

Note: filtering by collections is not available, as files cannot be tagged with collections, only specific tags.

Filtering and Selecting All

When the list view is filtered and the Select All checkbox in the table header is checked, then only the filtered results are selected. Manually filtered and individually selected results (by checkbox) are also persistent when navigating by pagination.

Filtering Within a File Chooser

When within a file chooser (such as when inserting an image or a link) two separate filter bars are present - "Filter by tag" and "Filter by name." Tags are selected by typing within the appropriate bar and choosing them from the dropdown. The "Filter by name" bar underneath functions the same as any other filter, where typing in will filter the available results by those characters. Just as in Pages List View, results can be filtered within tags. 

Filtering in the File Chooser