File Choosers


File choosers provide the ability to navigate the file system in order to select content to be linked, inserted, or edited. They appear throughout OU Campus; for example, in the WYSIWYG Editor, Source Editor, and MultiEdit, with assets and snippets, and can occur with new content creation or with editing the properties. Users can select content by browsing the folder structure and choosing the content from a list, or by manually entering a path and/or file name.

The functionality is frequently accessed within a modal by clicking the Browse icon. From the Source Editor, it is indicated with the Insert File Path icon.

Sample File Chooser Modal

A file chooser includes the following features and functionality: 

  • Breadcrumbs to show where the user is currently located, navigated by hyperlinks. Content can be selected among sites within an account.
  • Drop-down menu to choose functionality options. The Upload option is available for Select File, Select Image, and Select Media varieties of file choosers. Upload and Edit in addition to Upload is available for the Select Image file chooser. 
  • Depending upon the functionality and access settings for the account, there may be a drop-down menu to choose servers. This might include the choice of environments: the staging or production server, as well as one or more auxiliary sites or publish targets.
  • A Filter tool to filter the list.
  • Two icons to the right of the Filter field allows users to switch between an icon and list view.
  • The Preview pane, which can include a page preview, image preview, or icon. Media files (such as videos) are not previewed.
  • The preview pane also includes content details, such as the name and size of the file, as well as the last modified and last publish date.
  • For image files, the preview pane can also include a link to edit the image.