Date-Time Picker


Date-time pickers are found several places in OU Campus, including when scheduling a page publish and setting reminders for pages. The date-time picker in OU Campus functions in a fairly straightforward manner.

Each field (usually separated into Date and Time) will each have a button that, when clicked, will reveal the calendar or clock popover menu, where users can select the date and time. Alternatively, users may type the date/time in each field.

Date-Time Picker in OU Campus (Scheduled Publish Modal)


Example of Date-Time Picker


Setting Date/Time

  1. Clicking on the calendar icon on the right side of the Date field brings up the calendar popover, where users may select a date. The arrows on the top left and right of the popover allow users to change months.

    Calendar Popover
  2. Some instances (such as in the Social Media Analytics gadget) will require users to select a range of dates. In those cases, the popover will show two calendars - one for the start of the range and one for the end.
  3. Clicking on the clock icon on the right side of the Time field brings up the clock popover, where users can choose the time.

    Clock Popover